Ordering process simple and to the point. I recommend using RAKA to all building this project. Just a brief overview of my build to share with any first time builders reading this- My Pirogue is 13' in length. I widened it just a bit to a 26" floor. I added another rib to accomplish this and it also helped stiffen the floor. The boat is all 1/4 exterior plywood with a 1" x 2" rail. I fiberglassed the entire outside and inside seams. I added extra layer of glass on the exterior bow and stern. I installed some skids on the inside to help save the floor over time and a 7/8 oak dowel handle at each end. Finally, the boat is painted with exterior acrylic latex from Lowes and weighs in at +/- 50 lbs.

John Galaska
Bethel, Delaware

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