Tintin - A Cajun Pirogue "Down under"

I took it to Lake Tyers in eastern Victoria for fishing with my son and Tintin did great. I added an outrigger to stabilize it because Ringo likes to stand up and cast his line. Outrigger is made of a 100mm x 1.4 meter poly pipe, some timber and bamboo stakes. Cost me nearly nothing. Tintin got a bit heavy because I used thicker timber for ribs and gunnels, covered it with fiber glass top and bottom. But it is very strong!  I painted it with marine varnish and exterior acrylic paint at the bottom. But the acrylic keeps peeling off every time I put it in the water, so I am going to repainting it with proper marine paint. I am enjoying it very much and  so is my son. I want to build another one which will be shorter and lighter (Tintin is 4.4 meters long, 80+ cm wide,  can carry two adults, or one adult and two little kids).

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