Classic Louisiana Jon boat
Wooden Boat

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Iím super proud of the boat.  I used to tell my wife it would probably be the prettiest boat on the bottom of the lake, but IT FLOATS and handles quite well.  Although Iíve had a woodworking hobby for years, this is probably my most rewarding project. Iím 74 years old, so I probably wonít build another one.  Iíll just enjoy fishing with this one. Iím also a realtor, so I named my new toy ďA ClientĒ.  

Most of the small lakes here donít allow gas engines, so I use a 40lb thrust troller, which moves the boat right along. Iíll be taking it to the Shenandoah soon, so I may outfit it with a small gas engine then.

 The inside is white with blue ďtexturedĒ chips for stable footing. Youíll notice holes at the bottom of each seat. Too late, I decided to allow for drainage, so I placed holes at the bottom of the seats with a drain plug in the bottom of the transom.  Havenít got any water in it yet, but at least, I can drain it if I do.  I wanted to use marine paint for durability, but there are so many kinds, it became very confusing.  Your folks were kind enough to give me a name and through him, I got just what I needed to do an ďalmostĒ professional job. It has a finish almost equal to a car. I might add that your recommendation of RAKA was well founded also. I received a lot of good information from them as the fiber glassing progressed.

 I got some comfortable pedestal seats, bought a fish finder (sonar) off Graigs List, put a troller on and Iím ready to go.  Itís a two-person boat so the little red casting seat on the bow is a trade-off for the second person who may want to live a little more ďon the edgeĒ. As for me, I enjoy the back.

 Although I spent more than I initially estimated, I wanted it to last and be fiber glassed inside and out.  In fact, someone recently commented that I had a fiber-glass boat with a plywood core. It should last indefinitely and I couldnít be happier with the results. Until now, I didnít know lakes were so dirty.  I usually spend a half-hour, just cleaning the boat up, after returning from the lake.  Canít have it looking shabby you know.

Max Goodgion

Manassas, VA 20110

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