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Classic Louisiana Jon boat
Wooden Boat

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Dear Uncle John, 

Here are some pictures of "the boat" I am building from your plans that I ordered online.  Stretched plans to 16' long or (15'8") and bottom width 46".  It will have 3 seats and a front platform.  I installed very heavy gussets on the sides and bottom to transom and used butt splices to join the sides and bottom sheets together.  At this point I have taped the inside seams and outside seams with 9 oz 4" tape and epoxy fillets and resin.  I am using System Three Epoxy system.  I also installed reinforcement to the bottom of seat bulkheads to allow greater purchasing surface for the bottom. I found some real nice a/c fir 3/8" for sides and platform and 1/2" b/c pine for bottom and seats.  Also used 3/4" b/c pine for transom and bow plate.  Transom was reinforced with 5/4 X 6" severe weather decking and splash/rub rails are from ripped 1 X 4 spruce that were kind of knotty but I compensated with epoxy putty on all knots.  I have finished the bottom with 3 runners cut from clear spruce 2X4's.  I used the 4" tape on all seams first and then used 50" 6 oz. cloth to cover the entire bottom and transom.  I have finished the third coat of epoxy and will allow to cure for one week.  This is only the second boat I have built and the first was a "one sheet skiff" for my 5 year old (training project).  This boat has been very straight forward although some of the instructions on "side A" and "side B" for transom and bow plate were mixed up...I figured this out though. (I've fixed this, Uncle John)  My plans are to use 1 coat of Sherwin-Williams prep-rite bonding latex primer and 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams 25 yr warranty 100% acrylic latex exterior paint, I used this with great success on the one sheet skiff.  I have ordered the pirogue kit and plan to tackle it after my wife gets over this boat.  I will send more photos and info real soon. 

Joe  Griner

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