3-D Scroll saw Patterns

Amazingly simple,
 astonish yourself, astound your friends.

Easy to follow patterns guide you through the steps.
It is as simple as one, two, three.

3-D Animals

 picture of 3-D patterns

See "How to cut 3-D Patterns".

Pattern set includes deer, Christmas tree, duck hunter with decoys, cross, candlestick, roadrunner, flamingo, rooster, giraffe, ostrich, camel, cactus with roadrunner, lamppost, mailbox, silly bird, pelican, bird with fish, running men, stacked birds, chair, table. 

3-D Chess set patterns
(mouse over image for different view)

See "How to cut 3-D Chess Set".

Pattern set includes patterns for two different size chess sets,
Two sizes, 2 5/8" and 4" high King patterns, with detailed instructions.

emailed with instructions for opening and printing.
Animals $7.50  -  
Chess Set $6.50   - Both  $11.00

hardcopy posted
Animals $12.50  -  Chess Set $11.50  -  Both $18.00

We attempt to be as prompt as possible but, there are occasions when we are not online at the time you order and there may be a delay.

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