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scarf joints side boards attched to stem attaching seat supports bottom ready to attach
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attaching rubrails masked for painting color study ready to float

Hello Uncle John,
Several weeks ago my son, Daniel, and I started to build the SK-12 boat.  I was pleased with the simplicity of the design and we charged along as though we knew what we were doing.  We chose to coat the entire boat with epoxy before we painted it.  The bottom and floor of the boat were fiber glassed to add durability.  I never worked with fiberglass before and was pleased with how easy it is.  My wife says that I've gone from a duct tape nut to a fiberglass fiend... I keep looking for new projects with the left-over materials.  I took advantage of my digital camera and software and looked at different color combinations before we actually painted the boat.  This weekend we launched it and had a wonderful time.  It floats and rows beautifully, even when loaded with two teenagers and an adult.  We received several compliments from other boaters.  The pride of accomplishment alone was worth the effort, the opportunity to bond with my son is priceless.

Thanks,  Larry Henson

After a long spring, we finally had the chance to test our new sail boat, and it works great.  I changed the design slightly by shortening it to 8 foot long to fit easily in to my truck.  With the change in length, I moved the center seat proportionally, and made the bow seat longer to run the mast through. 

The sail was a used sail purchased over the net in Florida. My daughter loves it. 
This boat is handling well with 270 pounds  
Thanks for the plans
John Feeney                   Click here for more photos

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wooden boat kits wooden boat kit wooden boatkits
Oceanside Harbor CA Ancient Mariners  Show
Shelter Island
San Diego CA
Back yard

Enclosed are photos of your skiff. Had fun building it.
Thanks for your help.

George in California     

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Dear Uncle John -

Here are some photographs of our boat, MayI gave my husband Barry your rowing skiff for Christmas and he had her ready for christening in May.  She performs beyond our expectations, and we have spent many successful hours fishing in Louisiana salt waters with her.  Now Barry is ready to build a pirogue for duck hunting. 

Hope you enjoy the photos.
Melanie Hanks  

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Hello Uncle John!!
Happy Holidays!!!
We finished our Skiff back in September and just now finally got the photos scanned to a disk so we can send them to you. We built the boat in our living room in a total building time of two weeks. Everything went together very nicely. We used epoxy resin with sawdust filler to glue the scarf joints, which were sanded by hand. The bottom and all seams were glassed and given two coats of epoxy. The entire boat was then epoxied, sanded, and the inside painted with clear water-based polyurethane and the outside with a marine oil-based polyurethane. Eyebolts were added for tying the boat on the car top. Oarlocks were positioned and we were ready for our first trip to our favorite fishing lake. The boat balances very nicely with me rowing, my wife in the stern seat, and our 6 year old son in the bow seat. He sanded it himself prior to painting. Our Skiff sits on sawhorses now, waiting for Spring and the hungry trout of our local lakes. Thanks Uncle John for the great design. Here are a couple of pics of our version of your Skiff Kit.

John of Marysville, Washington


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wooden rowboat kits 

Hi Uncle John,

My son, Will, and I built one of your skiffs and have been using it for several months now.  I wanted to let you know that we are enjoying it very much and that it has lasted through some heavy usage just fine.  The boat is light enough for two of us to load on top of the car, for which we have developed a quick tie-down system.  In the water we use a trolling motor mounted off center on the stern for more sitting room.   The boat also rows very well.  About the only maintenance have had do is to repaint the bottom runners where they scrape on the launching ramps. We get out as often as we can, catch a lot of fish and have a lot of fun in the boat.  

wooden row boat kit

Here is a good picture showing my son Will and a nice bass.  It is a good shot of the boat too, which we are really using a lot.  I have added a couple of things: a yardstick on the inside of the starboard gunnel for measuring fish: the one in the picture was 19.5 inches, and a holder for a light we used on our one night time outing.  Next will be a cleat to hold an anchor line.

Thanks again for the great design.  It works good.


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