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Hi Uncle John,

I can't think of any building problems although if I did another one I'd fiberglass either all the way up to the rub rail or just the bottom.  I did half way up the sides and the fiberglass joins looked a little messy.

The sail was made from an old gazebo that fell down one day in the wind (hence the name) but I think I'll upgrade it to something a little less stripey this year!

It's even managed to stay afloat with my dad, me and my son with a 3hp outboard on the back.  My dad weighs 24 stone (336 lbs) , I'm 18 stone (252 lbs) and my son is around 3 (42 lbs) so that's an amazing amount of weight.

Roll on summer...


Chris Jefferies
Co. Westmeath,

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