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After 6 months the little "Tender" is finally finished.  Took her to the marina for the test voyage and she did great.  Hope to have her up to the marina this weekend and maybe put " Mein Honig" at a mooring and use the tender to shuttle from the slip to the mooring.  Sounds like fun... hope the pictures turn out okay..

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Here are a few of the latest pictures.  I have created several different sails for my boat.  The Bermuda rig (white sail) is  about 12’ feet high.


I motored out to deepest part of the lake and hoisted the sail, what a surprise she really took off, I had no idea., a very pleasant surprise, wish I had done it years ago.

Bob Booska


A little background: The skiff is located in Massachusetts and built during winter in a single-car garage. My son really wants an engine on it, and since he "helped" build it, we'll put one on. Every time we take it out, people comment on it, and me and the kids are really proud of it.

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The is a very fun and stable boat.  It is easy to store and transport.  It can be a fun project for an entire family to do as a project.  I liked the economy of materials - very little scrap plywood was left over for the fireplace.   It is simple to construct and offers many opportunities for modifications.  I just wish I would remember to install integral cup holders.  It only takes about 10 minutes to put it in the water, drop the rudder in, bang the dagger board down, haul the sail up, and go exploring.
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Just wanted to say thanks for such a great boat.  My son and I are now regular boaters, using it to sail around our local lake or motor up the canal over here in Ireland.

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Rich has sent us the best "6 rules" for boat building we've seen. Lots of good photos and comments.

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Todd Bruton of Greenwood, Missouri sent us a great set of photos and comments on building his skiff.

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Pictures of my completed skiff. Built using A/C "superply", Rails are white oak, seats are Luan with Douglas Fir trim. Stem is also Douglas Fir, Used Epoxy and Tape on the seams inside and out. Lake pictures are Three Creeks Lake in the Cascade Mountain Range in Oregon. Rows like a dream. Thank You.

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    Here are pictures of my boat!  I ordered the kit in August, and by the end of September, I was boating in the Adirondacks!  I love the boat because my wife and I can take it anywhere.

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    Here is a picture of my finished boat.  Your instructions were easy to follow and it was easy to build.  I used the twin lee boards rather than the dagger board.  As a novice fiberglasser I really appreciated Larry at Raka.  He sold me exactly what I needed and includes good instructions with his products.

Please find attached a couple of pictures of the 12 foot skiff that I  built.  I started last fall and built the boat in my spare time over the last several months. I made it out of Lauan, Raka epoxy and fiberglass, and latex porch/floor paint. It went together pretty well, although my epoxy and fiberglass  technique is still at the amateur level.  The boat works well as a rowboat and over the coming winter months I plan to build a rudder, leeboard, and rig it for sailing. Thanks for a well-planned instructions.

 Joe Dieker,
Canton, Missouri

Here is another successful Uncle John Skiff.  We wanted a little "attitude" so  a custom car show painter "flamed & shark faced" the boat.  It really made Mason's day (my son). We have an antique outboard to power this creation through the Houston area lakes and bayous.

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Hope you enjoy these as much as Mason (son) and I do.  I weigh 225 lbs, Mason weights 80 lbs, the motor weight  = 40 lbs.  I say we have capacity to spare.
Robert Axelson

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Here’s a boatload (22) of pictures of my 12’ rowing skiff, “Out to Lunch”. I am a high school drafting teacher and I built most of it in my classroom with a little help from some of my students. I worked on it mostly on my lunch hour. My wife, Anne and I have used it to go on little picnics, hence the name. It also makes a nice light-weight dinghy to tow behind my 22’ sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay.

Thanks for providing the plans, parts, directions and the initiative. 


Ed Kobus

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We launched our boat today, September 14, 2002.  It was a family project as we all had a hand in building it.  We are looking forward to years of fun with this boat.  I embedded the 2002 Tennessee State quarter in the bow to designate both the year and state this boat was built.  Attached is a photo of us all in our boat.


Craig Ferguson
Knoxville, TN

Ken Abrahams of the Lake Charles Yacht Club
sent us a  wonderful step by step set of photos,

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